Heeran Love Song

Heeran Love Song
  • Author: Yu-Da, Su-Ji Kim
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, Webtoons
  • Alternative: Huirangungnyeonga, 희란국연가
  • Description: So-Ru is a princess born from illegitimacy, and able to see ghosts although she is completely blind. Ja-Hyeon is a heroic general who possesses the sun’s aura which can chase away spirits. Ya-To is the deadliest and most beautiful ghost, but his heart can’t feel anything. So-Ru and Ja-Hyeon become bound to one another in an undesired marriage, but they both need each other –- she needs his aura, he needs her divine blood. As So-Ru's unconditional sacrifice and love toward Ja-Hyeon slowly melts his frozen heart, the same happens to Ya-To’s emotionless heart. All three have something that they need and want from one another. Could they become the salvation they need for one another?

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